Megantereon rendered with SolidWorks Photoview 360
So last time I covered the basic drivetrain design. Now I'll get to the CAD design of the go-kart itself.

While I was pondering the design of the gearbox, I went ahead and designed the frame. I knew I wanted a three-wheeled go kart (for simplicity and because I was somewhat inspired by the MIT EVT eBike which I helped design), and to use 80/20 framing because I'm not experienced with welding aluminium (and I wanted to avoid steel to minimize weight).

Megantereon's frame in SolidWorks

I went with a triangle-ish layout to ensure stiffness (triangles are the stiffest polygon).

I decided to adopt a steering layout similar to Charles Guan's BurnoutChibi, with the front brackets doubling as bearing holders for the steering kingpins, and using aluminum square extrusion as the steering spindles, and a generic (but modified) hex bolt as kingpin.

Megantereon's steering assembly in SolidWorks

I went with a similar system to hold the rear axle and brakes. You can also see that I went with a belt drive for the rear wheel (quieter and cleaner, if not harder to design for).

Megantereon's rear wheel assembly in SolidWorks

For the sttering assembly and linkage, I decided to convert an old gaming sttering wheel to act as both steering wheel, throttle and electonic brake control, as well as serving as an emergency switch.

Megantereon's Steering linkage

All that, plus a chair that I found in the Stata Center basement, makes a three-wheeled go kart.

Megantereon rendered with SolidWorks Photoview 360

I finished the basic design of Megantereon around mid-March, and proceeded to order the parts and materials necessary. Now it comes down to building the beast.